Q: What is the minimum dog walk requirement?
A: NONE. We pride ourselves to offer great prices without a minimum dog walk requirement.

Q: Do you take dogs to the dog park?
A: Whenever possible we will. If your route is close to a dog park we will gladly take your pup to have some fun. That arrangement will be made at the first meeting with the walker (Meet the pal).

Q: How many dogs do you walk at one time?
A: Usually your dog will be walked with one or two other dogs. We don’t take more than four dogs that are equally suited in temperament.

Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes. We are fully insured by Pet Sitters Associate.

Q: Are the dogs able to eliminate when walked with three other dogs?
A: Yes. The minimum walk time is 30 minutes and they have plenty of time to do their business.

Q: Do you only accept well-trained dogs? 
A: No. As a matter of fact our walks often help with training. Also, when your dogs are walked their behavior usually improves and they are more relaxed at home. However, we only accept nice, social able dogs to walk in our Group Walks. An alternative to dogs that need social improvement is the Private Walk.

Q: Do you leave dogs unattended? 
A: No. We never leave our dogs unattended for any reason.

Q: Are the dogs given water when the weather is very hot? 
A: Of course! All the walkers carry water bowls, and water with them.

Q: How do I know my keys will be safe?
A: Instead of labeling the keys with your full personal information, we code client’s keys and store them in a secured lockbox.

Q: Do I have to be home when you pick up and drop off my dog? 
A: No. In doorman buildings you can either leave keys with the concierge or doorman; have our walker keep a copy of them; or a combination of both possibilities. For those who do not live in a doorman buildings, the options are to either always be home or to entrust us with a copy of keys. Paw Pals will return if the client no longer needs our services.

Q: If it is raining or really cold, do you still go out? 
A: Normally, yes. We recommend getting your dog a waterproof lined coat for these types of weather conditions. The walker will apply personal judgment and take the dog home sooner if he sees that a dog is truly having a hard time because of extreme weather conditions.

Q: At what age can a puppy start walking? 
A: Generally, after about 6 to 7 months of age. We would advise you to consult with your veterinarian before schedule a walk. Puppies under 6 months of age are walked privately and not longer than 1 hour.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: Visa, Master Card, Amex & Discover, cash, checks and money orders.

Q: What areas of New York City and New Jersey do you service?
A: Astoria, Flushing, Forest Hills, Green Point, Hoboken, Jersey City, Jackson Heights, Manhattan, Rego Park and Sunny Side. Other New Jersey areas call for quote.

Q: What happens if I have to cancel a walk?
A: For cancellations of 1 or 2 days walks a weeks’ notice is required. For cancellations of walks for a period of 1 week or more one months notice is required. If the required notice is not given charges will be applied in full for the cancelled period.

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